What our customers say...

Our best references come from our own enthusiastic customers. Read what they say about FACT-Finder: increased its turnover with FACT-Finder by 33 %, with a 30 % increase in conversion rate and a 4% larger shopping basket.

Implementation following the successful test went smoothly and without any problems. We are highly satisfied with the rapid attention to our needs and requirements; also with the speed of the search. The next step is the roll-out to all countries and the introduction of the recommendation engine.

Marco Popp, Head of Ecommerce & eCRM at mydays

With FACT-Finder we are flexible to realize our multichannel strategy. It can be easily integrated in responsive-design sites, so that we provide a positive cross-channel customer experience and are benefiting from higher conversion rates.

Gérard Spatafora, E-commerce Manager, Millesima

As part of our relaunch, we carried out with FACT-Finder a sophisticated, highly successful and individual solution. The collaboration is consistently solution-oriented, fast and reliable.

Shira Reineking, Head of Ecommerce Campaign and Website Department, real,-

The dynamic Suggest functionality of FACT-Finder has enabled us to improve the usability of the shop search and significantly increase the CTR. Ever since, we have seen more search-generated conversions with fewer aborted transactions.

Tobias Klötzer, Online Marketing, Rossmann Online GmbH

FACT-Finder has shown that their search and navigation solution is the best option for us. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers even better shopping experience.

Christian Omander, Founder & Management, CoolStuff

We decided to use FACT-Finder for the re-launch of our online shop. The comprehensive consultation and competent support from the side of FACT-Finder in the preparatory phase have given us more time and certainty to concentrate on other topics relevant to the launch – and this has left a lasting and positive impression.

Martin Behnisch, Head of Ecommerce,

Already at the first controlling we found out that FACT-Finder had increased the conversion rate of visitors who use the search by more than 20%. We are excited to see how much more we can get out of the data cleansing!

Dirk Wiedenhaupt, Managing Director/CEO, Elbenwald GmbH

We have been enthusiastic customers of FACT-Finder for many years. For us, the FACT-Finder name means competent advice, quick reaction times from their employees, an uncomplicated and excellent implementation, as well as comprehensive support. The search algorithms and tools that FACT-Finder makes available provides the best search results, which are a major factor in maintaining the satisfaction of our customers. The filtering offered by the After Search Navigation has been especially highly regarded by Hessnatur users.

Kornelia Hejduk, e-Commerce Web Design,

By using FACT-Finder we were able to increase our sales by 20%. FACT-Finder achieved complete ROI (Return on Investment) within just a few months, which in large part was due to the low integration and maintenance costs.

Thomas Zoller, Director of Marketing, Mercateo AG

After the integration of FACT-Finder our conversion rate increased substantially. What we consider to be very positive is the excellent feedback from the customers due to the extraordinarily accurate search results. As a company, FACT-Finder provides us with outstanding analysis options and reporting tools that enable greater transparency. We have also been impressed with the expert advice and service from Omikron!

Robert Schleebaum, Manager E-Commerce, Deerberg Versand GmbH

Using FACT-Finder the average duration of visits and the number of pages viewed have each increased by about 20%.

Michael Wohlers, Technical Supervisor, Danto GmbH

The search is now 'lightning-fast' and provides our Internet shop with a clear competitive advantage. Performance measurements show that FACT-Finder returns correct search results for 100% of all requests within a few seconds. This already fulfils critical market requirements for the future, and increases customer satisfaction.

Mag. Sok-Kheng Taing, Director of e-Business, Buero Handel GmbH