The quality of your product data determines the findability in your product range.

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Product Data Feed Optimisation

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Whether in an online shop, online marketplaces or in Product Listing Ads (PLAs): everything what customers see and experience in digital sales channels is generated on the basis of product data feeds. This is why the quality of your data is evermore crucial for success in ecommerce. Consistent information, available at every position of the customer journey, creates a positive shopping experience which differentiates the seller from the competition.

4 Dimensions of
optimised product data

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FACT-Finder automatically extracts purchase relevant attributes from titles, product descriptions and other, often fragmented information. Additionally, the stored product data is matched and compared with industry and product group specific attributes. This enables to build dynamic filter and navigation structures that support the customers in their purchasing decisions.

Filter Navigation Based on Attributed Data
 Tags Facilitate the On-Site Search


Tags enable linking certain articles to thematic search terms (such as “Mother’s Day” or “Easter”). It also enables to find products with technical names more easily and intuitively. For example the tag “Enduro” narrows down the search results to mountainbikes with a spring deflection of 130mm to 180mm. Tags are especially beneficial within big product lines: new products are assigned to the relevant tags with predefined rules.


Choosing from a big variety of products and at the same time quickly finding what you are looking for – this is the shopping experience customers expect today, both online and offline.

With virtual categories, ecommerce managers can bundle their products and adjust their offer to current marketing requirements.

Thematically Ordered Products Just Like in Local Stores
Normalised product data improve the filter navigation


Product data can be used as a filter only if it is available in comparable formats and units of measurement. Consistently normalised product data is indispensable if you want to benefit from the entire potential of your online shop.

This simplifies filter navigation, improves the comparability of your products and supports customers in making quick purchasing decisions.

Product data at its best

The 4 dimensions in overview:

4 Dimensions eCommerce Optimized Product Data

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FACT-Finder combines ecommerce expertise and many years of experience in the data quality field. Our know-how is your advantage! Ecommerce optimised product data is the best foundation to operate parallel and independently with various sales channel.

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