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The Future of Travel Search Online

The semantic search for your travel portal

FACT-Finder Travel® is the first semantic search technology for online travel portals that understands freely worded search queries. Gone are the days when your customers had to first choose between awkward individual criteria and then enter more data. With FACT-Finder Travel, you search in exactly the same way as you are used to doing elsewhere in internet; in your own words and using just one single search box. This standard of usability has never been available before, and provides you with an entirely new conversion potential:

  • FACT-Finder Travel is extremely versatile, enabling searches for flights, hotels, package holidays, holiday apartments and all other imaginable forms of holiday travel.
  • It understands your customers’ wishes expressed in natural (normal) language.
  • Special wishes are taken into account by making comparisons with thousands of previously stored travel attributes.
  • Geocodes are used to find travel offers close to places of interest and other special locations.
  • Relevant search results are given despite typographic or spelling mistakes in the query.

Higher Conversion Rate for the Travel Industry

FACT-Finder Travel is a travel search tool designed for the future. Simple, fast and accurate. It is the innovation your customers have been waiting for - and the decisive factor to set you apart from your competitors.

  • Higher sales revenue. FACT-Finder Travel increases your sales revenue by enabling faster, more efficient bookings.
  • Satisfied customers. Improved usability increases user satisfaction and establishes customer loyalty.
  • Higher conversion rate. Thanks to the comfortable single search box, bounce rates drop. More visitors become paying customers.
  • Differentiation from competitors. Use the innovation of the first semantic travel search tool and stand out from your competitors.
  • Safeguard for the future. FACT-Finder Travel provides Online Travel Agencies with a competitive advantage over conventional search engines.

Research and Studies of Semantic Search

FACT-Finder Travel is the result of intensive mathematical research and comprehensive usability studies. Right at the start of the questioning and tests it became clear that visitors to online travel portals are dissatisfied with the current forms of travel search. Instead, they want a search function that can intuitively and correctly interpret their wishes.

Do you understand your customers?

Right or wrong, short or long - whatever your customers are searching for, FACT-Finder Travel will find the most suitable travel offer:

  • “Easter sun 2 kids”
  • “Party with girlfriend 1week Oct cheap”
  • “Apartment, Barcelona, weekend, May, 2 pers, whirlpool”
  • “See Kangaroos with my husband over Christms 14 days”
  • “At New Year at the north sea holiday house for 6persoen near beach”
  • “Eifel tower romantic hotel, under 300€, next weeckend”

The error-tolerant search also interprets typing errors, spelling mistakes and expletives correctly.

Award-Winning Technology

FACT-Finder Travel has already been awarded several major prizes for its innovative approach. Future-orientated technology for your travel portal.

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Your Advantages...

For your portal

  • Increased sales revenue
  • Increased conversion
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More personal recommendations

For your customers

  • Desired results are found quickly
  • Own wording can be used
  • Low stress factor

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