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FACT-Finder is Europe's market leader for search and navigation in online shops. Our intelligent out-of-the-box on-site search solution has been successfully implemented in 24 languages, 26 countries, and is currently used in more than 1500 shops all around the globe.

Here is a small selection from our list of corporate references:

Current customer
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Shop usability is top priority at Outnorth, one of Scandinavia’s leading online shop in outdoor activities. Thus, Outnorth are using a wide range of FACT-Finder’s functionalities in the online shop. The error tolerant search and auto-complete function, the dynamic filter modules and inspiring campaigns - all to create a better user experience. As a result, Outnorth won the prize as “The e-retailer of the year 2013” in the category Sport & Outdoor.

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  • 10 million million search queries are processed daily by FACT-Finder!
  • In total, more than 1500 shops in 24 languages and 26 countries use FACT-Finder!
  • Shops using FACT-Finder as their central search achieve an annual turnover of over $ 5 billion (US dollars) .
  • The largest user of FACT-Finder has 30 million items registered in its database.

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... in total, more than 1500 online shops!