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Are you already using FACT-Finder in your shop system? You want to increase the conversion rate further with an optimisation? Then get in touch with us now.

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Even with the best conversion engine, you do not automatically exploit the potential of your shop. FACT-Finder does offer many powerful functionalities for search, navigation and merchandising, straight out of the box. However sometimes more in-depth expertise is required for the technical implementation of advanced shop criteria.

Our experience pays off for you!

With over 1500 shop implementations and the international experience of the market leader in Europe, FACT-Finder has extensive industry knowledge in the field of ecommerce. We know exactly what matters for shop searches, and provide you with concrete recommendations for action to maximise revenue sustainably.

Four offers - one objective:
Top performance for your online shop

FACT-Finder User Training

  • A full day of coaching with a qualified instructor at your premises
  • Individual training programme adapted to your requirements
  • Valuable tips for sustainable revenue increases for your online shop

FACT-Finder Managed Services

  • Monthly optimisation of your FACT-Finder installation
  • Measures for boosting your conversion rate derived from our experienced data
  • Relevant trend analysis related to your target audience and accordant backend configuration

FACT-Finder Workshop

  • A one to three-day workshop with a qualified ecommerce expert
  • Expert consultations on how to increase your conversion rate, independent of the tools involved
  • Report of findings with concrete recommendations

FACT-Finder Review

  • Comprehensive analysis of your web shop
  • Qualitative classification and independent assessment of the results
  • Extensive report on how to increase your conversion rate


FACT-Finder offers webinars for FACT-Finder users regularly. Sign up here to receive information in time.