About us ...

A few basic facts:

  • Integration within a days
  • CEO/Owner: Carsten Kraus
  • Over 91 staff members
  • More than 1500 installations in
  • 26 countries and
  • 24 languages

Major References

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  • Yves Rocher

Background information

FACT-Finder is the market-leading search,navigation and merchandising solution for ecommerce. Omikron's error-tolerant search is language-independent and is currently used in more than 1000 websites internationally. Using FACT-Finder, online shops achieve sales increases of up to 33% (depending on the range of products), and exit rates are reduced by as much as 50%.

Unique core technology!

FACT-Finder handles spelling and typographical mistakes, exchanged word ordering, and alternate forms, leading customers directly to the desired product, which makes exhaustive word lists unnecessary. The search system is scalable to fit the website's requirements, and is ready to use right "out-of-the-box", for all languages, script forms, and code pages.

From forerunner to market leader

FACT-Finder made the jump from innovative forerunner to German market leader within two years. The ecommerce experience gained from our initial "eProfit" business project was a major factor for our current success. In the course of development, we analysed 100 million search queries, revealing important facts about typical search behaviour, which were incorporated into the foundation of the application.

Our high-performance search is also available as SaaS (Software as a Service), and offers access via Web Services and XML interfaces. Currently, FACT-Finder processes over 1 billion search queries annually.

We made the choice for FACT-Finder due to the rapid implementation. The benefits are evident: The exit ratio on the result page has been reduced by 50%.

Xavier Gerbeaud, Director of Services Informatique, Plantes et Jardins

FACT-Finder Divisions

About Omikron

Carsten Kraus founded the Omikron company in 1981, before he even graduated. Together with a friend, he developed programs for the PET 2001 (Commodore's first home computer, the "Personal Electronic Transactor"), and later for Atari systems. In 1988, Atari licensed the Omikron-Basic programming language, supplying it with each new Atari computer in eight countries. In 1993, Omikron created its first Data Quality application: DBRS® was a DOS application to find and eliminate duplicates. The core algorithm in FACT® is based on a newly developed mathematical/linguistic similarity analysis, which is significantly better than contemporary "fuzzy" and phonetic approaches.